You know what the church is missing?

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Where are the storytellers?
Do you know that Jesus could have come at any time and preached a four-point message? Did he not have good enough theology to actually put together a perfectly structured sermon? 

The people just kept saying, “Jesus, just get up there and tell us what you mean! Stop giving us the stories, what does it mean?”  But he didn’t stop with the stories. Why? 

The church is trying to answer questions that the world isn’t even asking, and we wonder why they aren’t running to us! We’re trying to get them to believe a book, and they don’t even understand the God that wrote the book! We can’t tell verses at them when they don’t even understand the person behind the verses! If they don’t understand the person, then they’ll never understand the purpose. We’ve been giving them purpose without the person, and it’s divorced from the reality of the Kingdom.

Jesus told stories because he wanted to give them a glimpse into the Father’s heart. He wanted them to see the person, not just the answer to all their questions. He told stories because stories move hearts much more than good theology ever could. 

Where are the storytellers today? Where are the ones who will shout “I’ve got a story to tell! I don’t understand the theology but I know that he’s good! Can I tell you my story?” We all have a story to tell. It might not look pretty. It might not look like the story has an ending yet. But we have to start telling the stories of the goodness of God. That’s what people need to hear. 

Vision for Generations

I have some news for you.

You’re not the one being worshipped. You were never the one who was designed to be worshipped. But we act like it all the time, don’t we? We’re so prone to thinking that this whole ship revolves around us.

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We don’t celebrate Mary because she walked into a room with an empty vase and demanded that Jesus fill it up, right? But that’s how we view worship all the time.

We come in demanding to be filled.

What if Mary walked into the room with an empty jar and demanded that Jesus fill it up? “Fill me up Jesus, Praise you Jesus. Thank you for filling me up Jesus. You are so good, can you fill this for me please?”

But that’s not what she does. She walks in full.

Why? Because she has a history. Her vase is full because her mom and dad thought ahead to put something in it! They had vision beyond themselves. It’s the same concept as the story of the Ten Virgins. Five are wise because they have oil stored up, ready to last the night. The other five don’t have any. Because they spent it on something else.

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Mary walks in with a full jar because somebody thought ahead for her. She could never have afforded that on her own. It’s like she says to Jesus, “Look what my family gave me. They thought ahead! They knew that you would come soon! And they gave me a full jar.  My parents saved me this so I could give it to you. They thought ahead and they left me with the ability to pour everything out that they saved up at his feet.” Her parents didn’t hold their oil selfishly because they could see beyond themselves. They could see what was coming. They weren’t interested in self-centered worship.

This concept applies in every single area: in business, in technology, in science and education and politics. When you break off selfishness, you become an opportunity to save up oil for a generation who doesn’t even know you. When you choose to see beyond yourself, they have something to pour out when he shows up in their house.

Who are you thinking ahead for? Do you have a five-minute vision? A five-hour vision? Or a 5,000-year vision? Let us be the generation that sees far enough to invest in our great, great, grandchildren and beyond. Let’s give them something meaningful.  Let’s set them up to walk into Jesus’ presence with jars full of oil, ready to pour out before Him.

Reformation & Revival

Revival is for cities. Reformation is for the church.

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That means that if we want to see revival in cities, then the church will have to change the way it works! This is the story of the Jesus People Movement. Chuck Smith would share about hippies coming into the church. They were dirty, and the church had just gotten new carpet. The church leaders were so upset that the hippies were getting their new carpet dirty! So they had a choice to make. Would they make them put on shoes, or let them ruin their new carpet?
Chuck Smith said, “If it bothers you, then tear up the carpet because I want more hippies.” 

It’s time to tear up the carpet again, church. Because God is doing something outside of these four walls and we need to be prepared to receive it the way we’re supposed to! 

What will happen when thousands of homosexuals flood the church? Are you going to make sure they’re all sorted out before you let them worship? Are we going to try to get them figured out before we let them in the doors? 

In the 90’s, Nirvana was singing, “Come as you are.” 

The church was singing, “Figure yourself out.” 

That should have been our song. 

The problem is that we don’t have eyes to see and ears to hear. We have to see beyond where we are right now. We have to let our eyes see the broad view. Do you think worship music will sound the same in ten years? Do you think God is done inventing instruments? We have to see beyond the stuff that’s right in front of us. We have to have eyes for the reformation. 

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I’ll explain it this way. Did you know that George Lucas actually started computer graphic arts? But he was bleeding money just trying to get this thing off the ground. He was trying to start Pixar, but he couldn’t see how valuable it was. So he sold it to Steve Jobs, who could see into the future of this thing and he saw the value. He was a prophet in the technology realm. Steve Jobs was the person that made this flourish because he could see beyond what George Lucas had the ability to see. 

There are prophets who are in the business realm right now, but we don’t know how to access them because we have no grid for a prophet unless he gets in front of the church and gives you a word! What about the prophets in the education realm, the science realm, and the technological realm? They are looking to have their voices heard, but we haven’t made any room for them here! Where is our system to welcome them in? How can we get the prophets in and tell them they’re valuable? 

George Lucas couldn’t see it. But Steve Jobs said, I’ll see it and I’ll pour millions of dollars into it before it ever makes a dime. And it went on to change the way we see animation and completely change the way we use computers! We have to change our grid for what we think the church needs. We have to open our doors wider and broaden our scope.

The song of this reformation will be, “Come as you are.” 



ONE NINE ZERO SIX is a reminder of the powerful creative force of God in our midst. The Kingdom is more than signs and wonders and arriving at the destinations we've made for ourselves to feel confident about our relationship with God. It's about the journey, it's about hope, the process and not just the promise. ONE NINE ZERO SIX is about the joy in the tension that God uses to make us into who we were always created to be. These are more than songs, these are declarations about who we are, where we are going, and the space in-between. 

The Process

Reformation is all about welcoming in the process.

Reformation is all about saying, “I’m not worried about how it looks on the outside, I just have to do something.”

We love the promise. God loves the process.

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God loves the process of an honest human heart because process destroys the ego and lays bare our vulnerability for everyone to see. It allows us to engage with a God who is in the middle of our process with us. He never leaves us alone.

It feels like the more we get to know about God or attempt to understand how and why He does things the way He does the further we are from finding answers. I sometimes like to say that we love periods and God loves question marks. Sure we have a few breadcrumbs to follow and the beautiful mystery of how He hides in plain site to reveal Himself in unique ways in every season of our lives but the raw truth is that the farther you get in this journey the more you realize that you have no idea what you’re talking about! There is no way you could read the Bible, engage with God, then enter His presence and go, “Oh! This makes so much sense! I knew what He was doing all along.” That’s not how it works! We don’t have him figured out. We cant shove Him into a tweetable quote or give a 5-step process to an eternal relationship.

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The process only ends when we are finally standing in His midst, in His fullness, in all of His glory. Until then, we have to get more comfortable with being honest in the process. Because God actually loves to show up right in the middle of it. Especially in the messy parts that we try to hide from Him and everyone else.

I think that we have been far too good at putting the finished product on stage. I think people are way more interested in hearing the stories of process.

I love when God does the miraculous in meetings and on the streets and I fully believe it should be shared and declared BUT as the father of a little girl who hasn't yet received her promise, I look to the stories in scripture that reminds me we are all a work in process. In fact just tonight in a big healing meeting Geneva wanted to get out of her wheelchair and attempt to walk and as she took step after heart-wrenching step she declared “I am one step closer to my healing.” WHAT? That’s the heart of true faith, not avoiding the process, but step after agonizing step we recognize that even our pain and our sorrow is a part of the journey. I'm not interested in a theological discussion about how it got there, I simply want to know how God is going to use it! And how can we begin that discussion if we are too busy ignoring the hurt and the test is actually there? This is the beautiful tragedy of being a work in process. In allowing the testimony to simply be that you haven't given up and you refuse to give in. This step forward, this one small, frustrating step towards the author of salvation, towards the loving face of my Father, is a step in the right direction.

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Let us remember that when God created humanity He didn’t just shout into the void like He did for everything else. He got down in the mud and got His hands dirty. The Word tells us that He breathed into the nostrils of man. I would like to assume that if He took the time to form nostrils, He formed a face and if He took the time to form a face He formed the neck and if the neck then the shoulders all the way down to this little dirt-man’s toes.  You aren’t like anything else in created order. For you, God was willing to get dirt on His hands, dirt on his knees, dirt between his fingers and toes. He formed man with his own two hands and He thought YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL! God has never been afraid to jump into the mess and enjoy the process of creation.


Your God is an architect.

Your God is a painter.

Your God is a poet.

Your God is a songwriter.

He’s not afraid of a work in process.


This is the very heart of Reformation. When we enjoy the process as much as we enjoy the promise. When we aren’t afraid to take the step of honesty and show people the unfinished story. When we are willing to show our scars and still tell the world, “I am one step closer today than I was yesterday!”  In the middle of the mess and the chaos and trial, not when we have it all worked out and we feel like we have it under control. I believe with my whole heart that when we start to enjoy the process as much as the promise, we will begin to find the heart of the Father and display Him in ways that no one else can.

Welcome to the process.




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ONE FIVE ONE SEVEN is an exploration of God as the Word. 500 years of Reformation has given us the opportunity to sing songs and declare truths that shift and shake the nations of the earth. We don't need anymore lullabies and we don't need anymore Christian karaoke, we need songs filled with hope and wonder in the face of heartbreak and disappointment. ONE FIVE ONE SEVEN is Jake Hamilton's attempt to remove the filters and record songs that come directly from his own encounters spanning the last several years. It's the good, the bad and the ugly wrapped in melodic guitars and captivating rhythms. Jake Hamilton once again gives us something we have not heard but long to sing. 

New Family Tour Dates Announced!!!

This May the Family Tour will be headed back on the road. Although it will will not be the whole Hamilton Family for all the dates the goal is still the; worship God, share marriage stories, release hope, and pray for breakthrough for all families. We believe we are at the beginning of a third reformation in the church and God is reminding us of the beauty and power of family. 

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