Vision for Generations

I have some news for you.

You’re not the one being worshipped. You were never the one who was designed to be worshipped. But we act like it all the time, don’t we? We’re so prone to thinking that this whole ship revolves around us.

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We don’t celebrate Mary because she walked into a room with an empty vase and demanded that Jesus fill it up, right? But that’s how we view worship all the time.

We come in demanding to be filled.

What if Mary walked into the room with an empty jar and demanded that Jesus fill it up? “Fill me up Jesus, Praise you Jesus. Thank you for filling me up Jesus. You are so good, can you fill this for me please?”

But that’s not what she does. She walks in full.

Why? Because she has a history. Her vase is full because her mom and dad thought ahead to put something in it! They had vision beyond themselves. It’s the same concept as the story of the Ten Virgins. Five are wise because they have oil stored up, ready to last the night. The other five don’t have any. Because they spent it on something else.

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Mary walks in with a full jar because somebody thought ahead for her. She could never have afforded that on her own. It’s like she says to Jesus, “Look what my family gave me. They thought ahead! They knew that you would come soon! And they gave me a full jar.  My parents saved me this so I could give it to you. They thought ahead and they left me with the ability to pour everything out that they saved up at his feet.” Her parents didn’t hold their oil selfishly because they could see beyond themselves. They could see what was coming. They weren’t interested in self-centered worship.

This concept applies in every single area: in business, in technology, in science and education and politics. When you break off selfishness, you become an opportunity to save up oil for a generation who doesn’t even know you. When you choose to see beyond yourself, they have something to pour out when he shows up in their house.

Who are you thinking ahead for? Do you have a five-minute vision? A five-hour vision? Or a 5,000-year vision? Let us be the generation that sees far enough to invest in our great, great, grandchildren and beyond. Let’s give them something meaningful.  Let’s set them up to walk into Jesus’ presence with jars full of oil, ready to pour out before Him.