Reformation & Revival

Revival is for cities. Reformation is for the church.

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That means that if we want to see revival in cities, then the church will have to change the way it works! This is the story of the Jesus People Movement. Chuck Smith would share about hippies coming into the church. They were dirty, and the church had just gotten new carpet. The church leaders were so upset that the hippies were getting their new carpet dirty! So they had a choice to make. Would they make them put on shoes, or let them ruin their new carpet?
Chuck Smith said, “If it bothers you, then tear up the carpet because I want more hippies.” 

It’s time to tear up the carpet again, church. Because God is doing something outside of these four walls and we need to be prepared to receive it the way we’re supposed to! 

What will happen when thousands of homosexuals flood the church? Are you going to make sure they’re all sorted out before you let them worship? Are we going to try to get them figured out before we let them in the doors? 

In the 90’s, Nirvana was singing, “Come as you are.” 

The church was singing, “Figure yourself out.” 

That should have been our song. 

The problem is that we don’t have eyes to see and ears to hear. We have to see beyond where we are right now. We have to let our eyes see the broad view. Do you think worship music will sound the same in ten years? Do you think God is done inventing instruments? We have to see beyond the stuff that’s right in front of us. We have to have eyes for the reformation. 

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I’ll explain it this way. Did you know that George Lucas actually started computer graphic arts? But he was bleeding money just trying to get this thing off the ground. He was trying to start Pixar, but he couldn’t see how valuable it was. So he sold it to Steve Jobs, who could see into the future of this thing and he saw the value. He was a prophet in the technology realm. Steve Jobs was the person that made this flourish because he could see beyond what George Lucas had the ability to see. 

There are prophets who are in the business realm right now, but we don’t know how to access them because we have no grid for a prophet unless he gets in front of the church and gives you a word! What about the prophets in the education realm, the science realm, and the technological realm? They are looking to have their voices heard, but we haven’t made any room for them here! Where is our system to welcome them in? How can we get the prophets in and tell them they’re valuable? 

George Lucas couldn’t see it. But Steve Jobs said, I’ll see it and I’ll pour millions of dollars into it before it ever makes a dime. And it went on to change the way we see animation and completely change the way we use computers! We have to change our grid for what we think the church needs. We have to open our doors wider and broaden our scope.

The song of this reformation will be, “Come as you are.”