Thank you so much for your interest in booking Jake Hamilton.

We receive several requests each week and apologize in advance for any delay in communication. This letter is simply to share with you Jake’s heart and his vision for what he does.

Jake Hamilton is an anointed worship leader and songwriter as well as a passionate preacher carrying the message of Reformation in the church unto Revival in our cities. His desire is to see a generation captivated by the knowledge of God and a people who seek to devour the Word, Worship without distraction, and Pray without ceasing. He believes the natural outflow of this lifestyle will be covenant relationships that lead to a manifestation of all the gifts of the Spirit. This is the foundation of what drives Jake; he longs for people to have deep and intimate personal relationships with Jesus. We should never live off the revelation of others although we can be blessed by it. Jake moves in the prophetic and will sing in tongues from the platform. He understands the needs of different church cultures along with different settings and has ears to hear what the Spirit is saying in a room. This allows Jake to move freely between songs and on occasion write songs in the moment in order to convey the message he has heard from the Lord. There must be freedom for Jake to lead as has been wired by God to do and a leadership that will cover Jake as he ministers. He is loud, ridiculously in love with Jesus, and has been described as one of the most passionate worship leaders and preacher’s people have ever heard. He is unafraid and unapologetic for his message while honoring and uplifting to the leaders of every ministry he comes in contact with. He is a prophetic voice for reform with an apostolic heart to build and father musicians and artists from around the world. Jake will minister to your heart and break open the heavens.

We ask that if you desire to continue with the booking process please read the Jake Hamilton Rider located on the side of this page as a downloadable Word Document. It will give you all the sound and travel preferences you will need for hosting Jake and the details of his time with you. Each invite has its own set of circumstances and needs that are unique to the location and nature of your event so please be patient with us as we work through the details with you and your team. Whether it is a one night event or a weekend in your region working with multiple churches we want to make sure you have a clear understanding of our needs and our preferences, none of which is meant to deter ministries from inviting Jake and the team but was created with the intent to protect Jake and the team while they are away from their families. Many of the sections included in the Rider were created after answering hundreds of emails concerning what Jake and his team would prefer while traveling; everything from sound to snacks is covered to give you the best idea of how to prepare for them as they travel to your event. We hope that this gives you insight into why our Rider is so extensive and why it covers such a wide variety of topics. If anything is unclear or is not included please feel free to contact us. Jakes desire is to serve your ministry and give all that he has to champion the your dreams and your desires for your city and the calling God has placed on your life.

After reading each section of the Jake Hamilton Music Rider carefully please click the “I AGREE” button at the bottom of the page and continue with the booking request form. If you have any questions during this process please feel free to email us at anytime at

Thanks again for your desire to invite Jake Hamilton to participate in what God is doing in your ministry, we pray that regardless of Jake’s attendance you would see blessing from all you give your to.